This Kaleider Pattern Combo image is constructed of 8 rectangular Areas filled with 2 different Pattern images.  The 4 Areas in the background were filled with a Kaleidoscope rendering from a photo of colored pencils.  The Areas were positioned into the 4 corners of the screen, and sized to each fill a quarter of the screen.  Those Areas were set as 'Frozen', meaning they don't change.  The inner 4 Areas were sized somewhat smaller to fit within the outer Areas, and were filled with a Pipe Room scene made from a Transformed Mirror effect.  These inner Areas are 'Active' so that they immediately change as the Pattern itself is altered.  Several of these Areas use the Mirror Horizontally and/or Mirror Vertically options to make them appear perfectly symmetrical.  (This Combo is a variation of the standard Odd Quads Combo Build.)
Odd Quad Combo