This Kaleider Pattern Combo was very simple to create.  First, the Background was set to black.  Then a Circle Shaped Area was added in the center and sized to fill the screen.  That Area was filled with a Pattern image and set as 'Active', meaning it will change whenever the Pattern itself is altered.  Then the New button on the Combo Design Controls panel was clicked 8 more times to create 8 more progressively smaller Circle Shaped Areas within the first Circle Area.  By default, when a new Area is added, it is created with the same Shape and other characteristics as the preceeding Area, but sized somewhat smaller.  Of course, it could then be changed as desired, but in this case no changes were needed.  The Circle Areas were all set so that their Pattern images are scaled in proportion to their sizes.  (This same Combo structure is stored as the standard Super Mandala Combo Build.)
Super Mandala Combo