The Background of this Kaleider Pattern Combo was set to a solid color (very dark brown).  A Diamond Shape Area was then added in the middle, and sized to fill the screen.  The next 4 Areas were created with an Oval Shape, moved to the 4 corners of the image, and sized to just touch the big Diamond's edges.  Areas can be set as either Centered or Moveable.  When an Area is Moveable it can be clicked and dragged with the mouse to reposition it, or exact size and position values can be entered (as was done with these 4 Oval Areas).  All 5 Areas were filled with the same Pattern, and all set as 'Active', meaning they change as the Pattern itself changes.  The Diamond Pattern image is not scaled.  The 4 Ovals were set to scale the Pattern image proportional to their sizes.  (The structure for this Combo is preserved as the standard Diamond Amid Pearls Combo Build.)
Diamond Amid Pearls Combo