Kaleider Animate Colors

When the Animate Colors option is toggled on, Kaleider performs a series of color shifts on the pixels of the current screen display.  Original Flowers Photo The Colors button on Edit Tools can be pressed to toggle Animate Colors on/off, or type the F9 key.  The Up and Down Arrow keys can also be used to step forward and backward through the color shifts one at a time.  Pressing the Home key restores the original colors.

The Animate Colors sample images below were all derived from this photo of pretty flowers, just a few of the vast number of possibilities.  They were transformed by the various Colorize MethodsGarish, Iridescent, Neonic, Opalescent and Contusive.  Of course, the color shifting could also be combined with any other Kaleider rendered effects.

Garish Colorize Method
Iridescent Colorize Method
Neonic Colorize Method
Opalescent Colorize Method
Contusive Colorize Method

The Colors button can be right-clicked to access Animate Colors Options the Animate Colors Options screen, which can be used to configure how color shifts will be applied.  With the usual 24-bit (or 32-bit) RGB scheme for screen colors, there are 256 possible values (0 to 255) for each of the Red, Green and Blue color components (allowing a total of 16,777,216 possible color combinations!).  Animate Colors works by continuously shifting each of the RGB colors by a specified amount for every pixel of the current image.  Colorize Method and Cycle Type parameters control how the shifted colors are interpreted and how they continuously evolve.

The Adjust Step slider can be moved to quickly progress along the full cycle of color Shifts (the Arrow keys or the mouse wheel can be used to move the slider).  If the Update Display box is checked, slider adjustments and other parameter changes will be immediately reflected in the main Kaleider window.

Animate Colors can be included during Automatic Effects via options on the Colors tab of the Automatic Effects Configuration.  Color shifting activity is collected while a Script is being recorded, and can later be revised through the Script Control and Editing screen.