Kaleider - Audio Player

The Audio Player can play most common Audio formats (mp3, wav, snd, midi, wma, etc. extensions), as well as Audio CDs.  The appearance of the Audio Player can be toggled on/off via a button Audio on Kaleid Tools, from the Popup Menu or by just typing M.

Kaleider Audio PlayerThe currently active Audio file or CD track is shown in the upper caption, colored according to the source:  Yellow for an Audio file chosen with the Select button, Blue for Audios from the active Play Directory or Green for CD tracks.  When the Random option is enabled, Play Directory Audio files or CD tracks are played in random sequence, rather than sequentially.

The play progress is indicated by a slider, and can be adjusted by moving that slider.  The Left and Right arrow buttons will switch to the Previous and Next Audio file or CD track when applicable.  (Also, the keyboard commands Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Right can be used for Previous and Next, and Ctrl-Down will pause/resume playing.)  Press the M button (or the M key) to hide the Audio Player.

The Automatic Effects Configuration screen includes options for controlling the Audio Player during Automatic Effects.