The Kaleider Screensaver can consist of any mixture of Random Effects and Scripted Sequences, from entirely randomly generated to all ScriptedRelative Frequencies can be set to weight the occurrence of Random Effects and Scripted Sequences.  Custom effect variations stored as Sequons can be included based upon the Use Sequons %.  The types of effects that might be randomly selected can be chosen.  Kaleidoscopes, Mirrors, 3D Mirrors and Funnels tabs allow detailed specification of which varieties of effects within each category should be available for random selection.  Wandering options can be set to apply motion to effects.  The Masking, Rooms, Surfaces, Maps and Animate Colors features can be configured.  The Scripts that will be available to select from can be specified.  The Image Source can be set to either the Image Gallery or an Image DirectoryAudio Options can be specified so that Kaleider effects are accompanied by music.
Kaleider Screensaver Configuration