Kaleider Pattern Combo Design

Click the Design button on Kaleid Tools to show the Combo Design Controls along the top of the main Kaleider window.


A Pattern Combo always begins with a Background that covers the entire image.  It can be filled with either a Pattern image by pressing the Pattern button, or a solid color by pressing the Color button.  The New button can be used to define additional AreasAreas can be created in several predefined Shapes (Rectangle, Square, Circle, Oval, Diamond and Hexagon), or a Custom Shape can be defined by clicking the mouse.  The Area drop-down box shows the currently selected Area (or the Background), and can be used to switch to a different Area.  The current Area is outlined in yellow, and the Area can be resized by clicking and dragging the yellow boxes on the outline.  Each Area can be filled with either a selected Pattern or a solid Color.  A drop-down box can be used to select the Pattern Action for the AreaFrozen to keep the initially set Pattern image unchanged, Active to change the Area image whenever the Pattern itself changes, Frz Eff to set the Area image whenever an effect is rendered in the Pattern and then keep it frozen until the next effect, or Src Img to always show the current source image in the Area.

Click Options to show a menu for setting the rendering characeristics of the current Area.  An Area can either be kept Centered within the image or it can be set as Movable so that it can be repositioned as desired with the mouse.  The Pattern image that fills an area can optionally be Mirrored Horizontally and or Vertically.  Options can be set to control if the Area is filled with tiled effects or full Pattern images (such as source images or Room scenes), and whether (and by what method) such images are scaled within the Area.  A Stencil image can be chosen to combine the current Area with prior Areas, according to various options.

If exact Position and Size values are needed for an Area, those can be entered and then applied by pressing the Update button.  If the Pattern Action has been set to Frozen or Frz Eff, Update can also be used to reset the Area image to reflect the current Pattern image.