Kaleider Quality Control

Most Kaleider effects can be rendered with different levels of QualityStandard Quality is appropriate and preferable for many effects, since it is the most efficient.  However, for some categories of effects, such as 3D Mirrors and Funnels, the rendered results might appear somewhat pixelated and fuzzy.  Improved Quality or Extra Quality can be used with such effects to produce much smoother, cleaner looking images.  Type the G key to quickly re-render the current effect with Extra Quality.  Click the Qual button to access Quality options, including the Quality Control screen:

A default Quality Level, (Standard, Improved or Extra), can be specified for each category of effect to control how effects will initially be rendered.  Action might seem a bit sluggish when using Improved or Extra Quality, especially when Surfaces or Maps are active.  The performance can be greatly improved by setting options to temporarily lessen the Quality Levels while manually shifting effects and during continuous activity, such as Wandering motion or Automatic Effects.  Effects will be automatically re-rendered with their normal Quality Level immediately after the activity has completed, or whenever the action is paused (just hit the Space bar).