The Save With Special Options screen provides additional choices for saving images at customized sizes.  The Save a Tiled Image of the Specified Size option allows for creation of an image that is tiled to fill any specified Image Width and Height, optionally with Center Tiles and/or Masking enabled.  The Scaled Save Options portion of the screen can be used to re-render the image to be saved based upon the resolution of the original source image.  The Scaled Size can be adjusted from 10% to 200%, with 100% being the exact scale of the original source image.  (The Upscale Window can be used to display a scaled image before saving it.)  When saving a PNG format image, a Transparent Color can optionally be specified.  The Resolution value that is stored with some image formats can be set to a specified DPI (dots or pixels per inch).
<b>Kaleider</b> Save With Special Options