Kaleider VeeJay Tools

Spout Out

When Spout Out is toggled on, Kaleider becomes a Spout Sender, continously providing screen display images for other programs that are equipped as Spout Receivers.  The Spout system (https://spout.zeal.co/) is used by many VeeJay and performance art applications, such as Resolume and MapMapper, to efficiently share visual streams.

MIDI Control and Playing

The MIDI Control capability might be a useful tool for Veejays and other dynamic motion artists who wish to include Kaleider effects in their performances.  When MIDI Control is activated Kaleider actions can be initiated via signals from a connected MIDI device.  For example, a particular Note might begin playing a certain Script.  Another Note might tell the Audio Player to play a music selection.  Turning a Knob might adjust the Tile Scaling.  All without touching the computer keyboard or mouse.

MIDI OptionsThe MIDI Options screen allows selection of a MIDI device and definition of MIDI Mapping Tables.  A MIDI Mapping Table assigns MIDI signals to Kaleider actions, which include such things as Image Load, Revert Image, Random Effect, Script Load and Play, Audio Load and Play, etc.  Multiple MIDI Mapping Files can be created and saved, making it possible to prepare customized sets of Images, Scripts and Audios for use during particular performances.

It's also possible to play music with a MIDI device by activating the Enable MIDI Playing option.  A MIDI Playing Output Device can be chosen through the MIDI Control Options screen.