Liquib 2.9, 2.9.1 and 2.9.2  -  New Features

Along with several internal improvements, Liquib 2.9 introduces the Mesh Tool and the Crater Effect.  Further details follow:  (Also see Liquib 2.9.1 and Liquib 2.9.2)

Liquib 2.9.1 

Liquib 2.9.1 includes a new Spout library which provides alternate methods for continuously sending Liquib images to other Spout enabled applications (primarily used by VJ artists).  A few other tweaks and fixes.

Liquib 2.9.2 

Liquib 2.9.2 mostly dealt with improvements and fixes to the Video Capture process.  The Video Options screen was redesigned after removing the obsolete Automatically Adjust Capture Timing option.

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