The Image Sequence Player can be used to play back sequences of still image files as animations, much like AVI or WMV videos.  It can be accessed by pressing the button on Edit Tools.  It's also possible while playing Image Sequences to capture the resulting animations as AVI or WMV Videos.

To open an Image Sequence, either press the Open Seq Image button to select an image file in the sequence to begin with, or, if a Sequence Control File was created with the capture (see Video Options), press the Open Seq Control button to open that file.  Using a Sequence Control File allows much more precise control over the playback of an Image Sequence, and makes it possible to edit the timing of individual frames.  The Frame Rate value can be adjusted to regulate playback speed.

Liquib Image Sequence Player
When using a Sequence Control File, timing information is shown for each frame.  The Control File contains both the Actual and Intended Time durations for each frame.  (Intended Time is the duration that the program "meant" to display a frame -- Actual Time is usually somewhat longer because of processing overhead.)  Playback can be timed according to either Actual or Intended Time depending on whether the Use Intended Time option is checked.  The Actual and Intended Time values can be adjusted for individual frames.  A frame can be skipped by checking the Remove Frame box.  Press Update to store any changes.

Buttons are available to access Video Options and the Video Player , and to initiate Video Capture .  Recording an Image Sequence animation can often result in a better quality final Video, because of the greater control over timing that is possible (especially when using a Sequence Control File).