The operation of each Tool and Effect can be configured through an Options screen.  These examples show the Clone Tool and the Burst Effect Options screens.  The range of options for the various Tools and Effects can add much versatility to their use, sometimes entirely changing their results.  The Stretch Tool, for example, can make a fine adjustment to a face, or it can warp an entire image, depending the the Stretch Area Affected setting.  A Shifting Colors Shading option for Drop, Wave, Bubble, Flow and Frost produces Effects that seem to pulsate with continually shifting colors.  Settings are available with most Tools and Effects for applying Improved Quality mode in various situations.  Set the Use Specified Attributes choice to create predictable results according to the specified parameters.  Generate Random Attributes will randomly vary characteristics each time the mouse is clicked.  Of course, it is often more convenient to adjust common Tool and Effect parameters via the Tool/Effect Controls bar that can appear at the top of the screen.
Clone Tool Options Screen Burst Effect Options Screen