Kaleider Masks can optionally overlay 3D Rooms scenes if Apply Masking to Rooms is set in the Room Options screen.  In this example, a photo of colored light trails was first loaded and a large Split Diamond Funnel was rendered.  That pattern was shifted until an area of blackness was centered in the middle.  The Set Background/Create Negative Stencil option was then performed so that the pattern of lights became the Mask Background, forming a frame for the changeable dark center.  Another image of mostly twigs and rocks was loaded and a Triangle Star 12 Kaleidoscope was rendered.  Rooms was activated with the Tunnel variety of Room.  After the Room pattern was shifted to look interesting, the Freeze Room Patterns option was set to keep it stationary.  Finally, a third colorful image was loaded and a L-R Side Slot Diamond Mirror Pattern was rendered and shifted to decorate the Bubbles.
Masked Tunnel Room