Phota  -  Galleries

Labyrinth Gallery Imagine the impact of seeing your photos shown in an art gallery.  The Phota Gallery feature transforms your display into 3D perspectives, with album photos exhibited along the walls of Gallery rooms in various styles.  An image can be clicked to view that photo in full-screen mode, or right-clicked to show a popup menu with further options, including access to Photo Information.

Keyboard commands are available to manually navigate through a Gallery or switch to the Next or Previous Gallery.  Next and Previous Gallery Doors can be clicked or 'walked through' to enter those Galleries.  Alternatively, just activate Explore to automatically stroll through a Gallery, pausing before each image to admire it, and then on to the next photo, until a Door to the Next Gallery is reached and passed through.

Gallery Options The Gallery Options screen allows configuration of the performance and appearance characteristics of Galleries.  How each Gallery is constructed, including the number of images it contains, is randomly determined according to Gallery Structure parameters.  Exploring values can be set the control the speed and mode of photo viewing during automated motion.

Sound Effects can optionally accompany movements within Galleries.

You can experiment with various color and pattern combinations for the Ceiling, Walls and Floor surfaces of Galleries.  The structure can be further customized by options for the appearance of Picture Frames, Doors and Borders.

Flowers in a Rectangular Gallery Sample Album Tower Gallery Rotunta Gallery of Flowers
Corridor Gallery With Colored Walls Convoluted Labyrinth Gallery Sample Album Tower Gallery
Tower Gallery View From Above Sample Album Rotunda Gallery Billboards Gallery Scene

An Explore Gallery option can be set in the Slide Show Configuration screen to automatically examine each of the album's photos while traveling through an attractive 3D environment.  Of course, music and video clips can accompany Gallery Exploration.