The Photo Information screen displays information about a photo.  This screen is also used for image file selection, and for entry and maintenance of photo descriptive information.  Click the Enlarge Enlarge button to display a full-screeen image.  An Orientation box can be checked to rotate the display of the photo left or right 90° or upside-down (this effects only the display -- the original image file is not altered).  Audio and Video files can optionally be associated with a photo.  Any IPTC or EXIF information that is stored with the image file can be displayed by clicking the Image IPTC/EXIF Data button (the label will be underlined when available).  The Load From Image Data button can be clicked to automatically load relevant IPTC and EXIF fields into Photo Description items stored with Phota albums, according to specifications set via the Define Load Mapping function.
Photo Information