Phota Screensaver 4.4  (for Windows)

The Phota Screensaver uses photo albums that have been created with the main Phota application to display slide shows of images.

Phota Configuration The Phota Configuration screen controls the behavior of a Phota slide show.  Options can be set to display either Album Pages or Individual Photos, in Sequential or Random sequence.  Alternatively, the Explore Galleries feature can be used to exhibit album photos in various 3D environments, while automatically strolling before each image to admire it.

The Animate Colors option can be enabled to continuously shift the colors of displayed images.

The Screensaver can be accompanied by audio narration or music by setting the Play Audio option.  Besides any audio files that are associated with an album, audios from a specified Directory or an Audio CD can be played.  The Play Album Videos option will play a video sequence whenever an album video file is encountered.

Any Phota Album can be selected to use as the source for image displays.

A Phota Screensaver that displays a slide show of flowers can be downloaded for free below.  It includes 30 of my favorite flower pictures selected from my own albums over the years.

Download Free Screensaver =>  Phota Flowers Screensaver  [7.78 MB]

The Phota Screensaver software can be freely distributed with slide shows created from your own photos with the main Phota application.  The free Phota Package Builder program can be used to create CD/DVD and Screensaver installation packages.