Creating Phota Packages

Phota Screensaver/CD Builder Suppose, after using the tools provided by Phota to construct a fantastic photo album of your favorite images, you then wish to share your creation with family and friends.  You would surely find it cumbersome to collect and transmit all the necessary image files, album file, software, etc., and provide instructions sufficient for people to install these items into the appropriate directories on their computers (their disk drive configurations might differ from your own).  The Phota Package Builder program makes this process simple, allowing you to package your album so that it can be easily viewed from a CD or DVD, or even built into a single executable install file.

The Phota Package Builder is free!  Included with the download is a Phota Viewer, which allows interactive browsing through albums, much like the main Phota application.  Both the Phota Screensaver and the Phota Viewer can be built into your album packages and freely distributed.  You can share your albums with unlimited numbers of people, who can enjoy your photo collections with all of the viewing features provided by Phota!

Free Download => Phota Package Builder  [9.77 MB]

The fully functional Phota can be downloaded and used for free.  A small sample album is included to illustrate some of the features of Phota:

Download Phota (64-bit) =>  Phota (64-bit)  [12.04 MB]

Or for older 32-bit computers:

Download Phota (32-bit) =>  Phota (32-bit)  [11.76 MB]