This image illustrates both the Masking and the 3D Rooms features of Kaleider.  It involves 3 different Mirror Patterns rendered from 3 different source images.  Using the first source image, the Explosion Mirror Sequon was applied and Rooms was activated with the Tunnel Room.  That image was captured as the Mask Background by right-clicking the Mask button and choosing Set Mask Background Image.  The Mask Shape was set to the round Mandala.  A different source image was selected and the Bursting Cones Mirror Sequon was rendered.  That pattern was 'frozen' on the Bubbles.  Finally, after loading yet another source image, the Bow Tie Mirror Sequon was applied to cover the Tunnel Room surfaces.  When this image was saved, the option was set to also save a Remake Script.  That Script could be re-played to instantly recreate this same scene.
Tunnel Mandala