The Options screen provides settings to configure the game flow and appearance of Wutch.  An Interface Scale can be chosen to control the size of text, buttons and other screen elements.  Besides your own name (you are the Human presumably), your Computer opponents can be given names.  Stupid, Average or Sharp are the available levels for Computer IntelligenceGame Play Speed can vary from Pokey to Blazing.  The amount of money given to each player when a game begins can be specified.  If messages are sometimes disappearing before you have a chance to read them, the Wait For Key Press After Message Display option can be set so that the message will remain until a keyboard key is pressed.  The Allow Computer Opponents in High Hands option lets Computer Players compete for entry into the Wutch High Hands Hall of Heroes, otherwise only Human players will be eligible.  The Border Color which outlines the various sections of the Wutch screen can be selected.  Either Colors or Patterns can be chosen for the Card Backs, Table Background and Player Background.  Several Background and Card Back images are included, but almost any image can be used.
Wutch Options