This sample screen shows a Wutch Game in progress, and illustrates the layout of the playing area.  I'm the player in the middle (the Human).  Of course you can change the names of the Human and Computer players as you wish.  The Game has been played for a few Hands, so the 3 players have different amounts of money.  It's my turn (shown by the highlighted labels), and the mouse is pointing to a December card (#12) in my Hand.  The appearance of the cursor indicates that it matches with another card on the Table.  The card could be played by clicking it with the mouse.  A card will then also be played from the Stack.  If either the played Hand card or the Stack card match Table cards, those matched cards will be added to my Won Cards Collection, categorized by scoring groups.  The summary at the bottom of the screen shows the Points each player has won so far this Hand, and also shows that I have called Go! once already.  Because of the card combinations that have been collected so far, I know that I will make more Points when I click that matching December card, which will allow me to call Stop! to end and win the Hand.  I might also call Go! again if I feel sure that I can make more points before one of my opponents can earn 5 points and before all my cards are used.  Calling Go! would increase the amount of money I would collect from my Computer enemies.  However, there are also risks!  The Game ends when one player runs out of money, with the richest player being the winner.  (The Seasons Theme was used for this Game.)
Wutch Screen - I'm winning!