boxod   -  Jumbled Cube Game

Jumbled Cube Game

A Jumbled Cube game uses a cube of boxes stacked to a width, height and depth determined by the number of Levels (4 in this example).  Initially the 6 faces of each box are oriented randomly, so that the overall cube has a jumbled appearance.  The object of the game is to rotate individual boxes and levels so that all boxes are oriented the same.

To select a box for rotation, click it with the mouse.  It will then be outlined in yellow, and can be rotated left, right, up or down by using the Rotate Box arrow buttons (or the keyboard arrow keys).  A selected box or the entire cube can also be rotated by clicking and dragging with the mouse.  Levels can be rotated horizontally or vertically via the Level Rotator arrow buttons.  Each box or level rotation counts as a move (cube rotations are not counted).  Scoring is based upon the original degree of 'disorder' and the number of moves taken to solve.

With this sample game the Span Images Over Boxes option is not set, so that reduced images are shown within each box face, instead of spanning the entire cube faces.  The Rotate Images option is set so that images are rotated to follow the actual orientation of each box.

Using Bonus Boxes and Bad Boxes can add to the interest and complexity (and maybe frustration) of a Jumbled Cube game.  Each horizontal level will have 1 Bonus Box and 1 Bad Box.  When a Bonus Box has been selected, rotations will also affect all surrounding boxes, so that up to 9 boxes might be rotated with each move.  On the other hand, when a Bad Box is selected it and all surrounding boxes will immediately be re-jumbled to random orientations.  The 'inside' of an Opened Box will show the colors of the back, right and bottom sides of the box, and reveal the presence of a Bonus Box or Bad Box.