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Rebukes Cube Game

A Rebukes Cube game somewhat emulates the famous Rubik's Cube puzzle, the object being to match colors on all of the cube faces.  Only the levels of the cube (rows and columns) can be rotated, not individual boxes.  This example shows the standard 3 levels, however the game can be played with from 2 to 8 levels (though I don't know if levels beyond 5 are possible to solve!).

The mouse can be used to click and drag levels to rotate them vertically or horizontally, including those visible on the side and top faces.  As with a physical Rubik's Cube that has an odd number of levels, the middle level cannot be directly rotated.  Of course the cube itself can also be rotated horizontally and vertically (cube rotations do not count as moves).

Optionally, images can also be displayed on the boxes, besides just colors as shown here.  Setting the Rotate Images option can provide a sense of the orientation of each box.  An Opened Box shows the colors of the back, right and bottom sides, which might be helpful.

Rebukes Cube is surely the most difficult of the boxod games.  After you have finally mastered the steps for solving the puzzle, the challenge becomes completing the solution using a minimum number of moves.  Here are some excellent internet sites that provide information and solution instructions for the Rubik's Cube (and related puzzles):

Official Rubik's Site Beginner's Guide
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