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boxod Screen - Jumbled Cube Game boxod is a collection of 4 intuitive, visually compelling puzzle games, each constructed of boxes stacked into cubes or pyramids.  The 6 faces of individual boxes can each show different colors and images.  The games involve manipulating boxes and levels to match colors and images on each side of the cube or pyramid.  These games are easy for fairly young kids to learn, and yet provide enough challenge to interest people of all ages.

boxod is now free!

boxod can be downloaded and used for free.  Two sets of sample images are included to display on box, cube and pyramid surfaces, but you can also use your own pictures.

Download boxod (64-bit) =>  boxod (64-bit)  [5.18 MB]

Or for older 32-bit computers:

Download boxod (32-bit) =>  boxod (32-bit)  [4.99 MB]