Liquib 3.1  -  New Features

Liquib 3.1 includes new features for the old Aura, Beam and Bolt Effects, as described below:

  • Aura Effect Shading =>  The Use Shading Options option adds alternating lightened and darkened waves around Auras and Halos that follow their radiating colors.  This tends to somewhat enhance the colors, and makes them appear more active as the shaded bands pulse with the color shifts.  Shade Frequency can be adjusted to control the relative size and spacing of shading bands.  A Fix Colors option has also been added to prevent some of the harsh colors that certain varieties of Auras can produce.

  • Beam Effect Shading =>  The Beam Use Options Shading option operates much as described above for Auras.  Alternating light and dark bands pulse along the Beam and Ray lengths, accentuating their radiating colors.  Shade Frequency sliders are also available to specify the relative width and spacing of these bands.  The Fix Colors option can be set to avoid some of the more extreme colors.

  • Bolt Effect Shading =>  The new Use Options Shading option provides a sense of depth to Bolts and Sparks by lightening their centers and darkening their edges.  The rendering of Bolts and Sparks has been improved so that the branch segments are merged together, causing a smoother, more continuous appearance.  Improved Quality options have been added to the Bolt Effect Options screen.

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