Liquib  -  Sequons

A Sequon performs a sequence of actions for a particular Tool or Effect.  While the general operation of each Sequon is pre-determined, there is also typically an element of randomness, partly dependent upon how parameters are currently set.  In many cases, a Sequon sequence would be quite difficult, extremely tedious or even impossible to apply manually.  Several standard Sequons are available for each Tool and Effect, and it's also possible to create Custom Sequons that perform your own favorite action sequences.

Sequon Menu Click the button on Liquib Tools or type ' (hyphen) to initiate the current default Sequon.  Right-click to show a menu of currently available Sequons and options.  The current default Sequon or Custom Sequon will be marked.  The Random Sequon for Random Tool/Effect option, which is always available and always listed first, will randomly choose a Tool or Effect, and then randomly perform one of the Sequons for that Tool or Effect.  The remainder of the menu will show the Sequons, Custom Sequons and Sequon Options that are available for the currently selected Tool or Effect (the Bloom Tool has been selected in this sample menu).

The Custom Sequons portion of the menu lists any Custom Sequons that have been saved, and provides options for creating and maintaining Custom Sequons using the Custom Sequons Utility screen.

When a Sequon is applied, most of the characteristics of the Tool/Effect depend on parameters set through the Options screen or the Tool/Effect Controls bar.  However, the Sequon Menu will often include Sequon Options which can override certain characteristics, providing a convenient way to experiment with various combinations.  If the Also Use With Manual Effects option is set, the Sequon Options will also be applied whenever the Tool/Effect is initiated manually (or when a Random Effect is manually requested).  Options can be set for Custom Sequons to control if they should always be applied with their stored parameters, or if they might be overriden by Sequon Options or randomly generated parameters.

Sequons can be included during Automatic Effects, along with Random Effects and Scripted Sequences.  During Automatic Effects, Sequons are chosen randomly, using randomly selected Sequon Options.