Liquib  -  Custom Sequons

After applying an interesting Tool or Effect sequence, it is possible to store that sequence as a Custom Sequon with a Title that is meaningful to you.  The Custom Sequon can then later be applied at any time upon any image, and can also be included during Automatic Effects.  The Custom Sequons Utility screen can be accessed from the Sequons Menu by selecting New Custom Sequon From Last Sequence to add a new entry, or Modify/Remove Custom Sequons to maintain existing items:

When creating a new Custom Sequon, the right portion of the screen will be pre-loaded with the information needed to re-create the Tool or Effect sequence that has just been rendered in the main Liquib screen.  An appropriate Custom Sequon Title can be entered, and changes can be made to the Tool/Effect parameters as desired.  This example shows the process of defining a new Blaze Effect Custom Sequon (the options are somewhat different for a Tool).

If the Scale Relative to Image Size option is checked, the Custom Sequon size and positioning will be automatically adjusted to appear fairly consistent when applied to images that are larger or smaller than the original source image.  Confine Tool/Effect to Image controls how the Tool/Effect will behave when the source image does not entirely cover the screen.  (Note that this option might by overriden if Use Current Confine Tools/Effects Option for Sequons has been set in the Sequons Menu.)  If Allow Sequon/Random Options is set, the parameters of the Custom Sequon can be overridden by Sequon Options when appropriate.  Otherwise, those characteristics will be applied as stored.  With a Tool Custom Sequon, an Allow Random Positioning option can be set to allow the original position of the Tool sequence to be randomly altered during Random or Automatic Effects.  As with standard Tool Sequons, Custom Tool Sequons can be started at any position by pressing the CTRL key while clicking the mouse at that position.

The existing Custom Sequons for the current Tool or Effect are listed on the left side of the screen.  After selecting a particular item by clicking it in the list, the buttons below can be used to perform actions.  Press View/Modify to load information for the Custom Sequon in the right portion of the screen for possible modification.  A Sequon can be deleted by clicking Remove.  Use Up or Down to re-position the the Custom Sequon within the list, (which will also alter the order when shown in the Sequons Menu).

Custom Sequons, along with the various Sequon Options settings, are stored in a Liquib Library File.  Functions are available to Load a different Liquib Library, Save As a different file name and Merge another file, possibly copying any non-duplicate Custom Sequons into the current file.  It might be a good idea to occasionally use the Rebuild/Optimize option to reduce the size of the file and make it more efficient to access.  Rebuild/Optimize will also save a backup copy of the Liquib Library File.