The Save With Special Options screen provides additional choices for saving images at customized sizes.  If the current source image is smaller than the screen display, the Save Original Image Area choice will save only the portion of the screen that the original source image occupies.  Save a Single Tile will save an image with mirroring panels of the current image.  Tiles can be stitched together to form seamless patterns.  The Save a Tiled Image of the Specified Size option allows for creation of an image that is tiled to fill any specified Image Width and Height, optionally with Center Tiles enabled.  The Scaled Save Options portion of the screen can be used to re-render the image to be saved based upon the resolution of the original source image.  The Scaled Size can be adjusted from 10% to 200%, with 100% being the exact scale of the original source image.  (The Upscale Window can be used to display a scaled image before saving it.)  When saving a PNG format image, a Transparent Color can optionally be specified.  The Resolution value that is stored with some image formats can be set to a specified DPI (dots or pixels per inch).
Liquib Save With Special Options