Liquib Video Capture and Playback

Video Player Liquib is not just about creating still, static images.  It can be truly fascinating to watch the process of transformation as Tool and Effect manipulations are applied -- the evolution from an original source image to uniquely distorted, perhaps even grotesque, creations.  Of course, such action can easily be recorded using the Scripting function.  Unfortunately, the resulting Scripts can only be played by the Liquib program.  The Video Capture feature makes it possible to preserve performances as AVI, Mp4, 3GP or WMV Video files that can be played with any common video player.  Video files can be shared and viewed from websites.  Action can also be captured as sequences of still image files, which allows greater control and flexibility for producing high-quality animations.

The Video Player is available to play captured Liquib Videos (and most other Video files).

Video Options The Video Options screen provides parameters that control how animated Liquib scenes are captured to Video files or as sequences of still image files.  (Press the button on Edit Tools to access.)  Either AVI, MP4, 3GP or WMV (Variable Bit Rate or Contstant Bit Rate) Video files can be produced.  Still Image Sequence files can be saved in most common image formats.  Optionally, an Image Sequence Control File can be created along with an Image Sequence capture to contain timing data for each frame, allowing much more precise control over animation of the still images.

Just press the button on Edit Tools to initiate recording.  The Capture button will change to while recording.  Press again (or hit the Esc key) to stop capturing.

Liquib Image Sequence PlayerImage Sequences can be played as animations with the Image Sequence Player, accessed via the button on Edit Tools.  The Image Sequence Player also provides options to record to AVI, MP4, 3GP or WMV Videos while playing animations.  Particularly when using a Sequence Control File, better efficiency and more precise control over timing is possible, often resulting in captured Videos of greater quality.

HINT:  It can be very useful to first capture actions as a Script (Script files are very small).  Then after the Script has been perfected, it can be played while Video Capture is activated.  That's also a good way to compare different Compression formats.