Kaleider 5.3, 5.3.1, 5.3.2 and 5.3.3  -  New Features

Kaleider 5.3 adds alternative choices for how effect patterns are centered.  Much of the focus with this version involved the Mirroring feature, including a entirely new category of Triangle Mirrors.  Numerous other internal changes were made to enhance the functionality and efficiency of the program.  Further details follow:  (Also see Kaleider 5.3.1, Kaleider 5.3.2 and Kaleider 5.3.3)

Kaleider 5.3.1 

Kaleider 5.3.1 includes a few fixs and minor improvements.  (The Kaleider Screensaver has also been updated to Version 5.3.1.)

Kaleider 5.3.2 

Aside from a few minor fixes and tweaks, the primary focus of Kaleider 5.3.2 was to improve the Video features.  The Video Player should be more reliable and capable of playing almost any common video format.  Video Capture can be configured to use more of the available encoding/compression codecs, and it should now be much easier to record Audio along with the visual action (see the Video Options screen).  NOTE:  Most sound cards can provide a Stereo Mix Audio Device, but often it is not enabled, and might not even be visible.  The Sounds Control Panel can usually be used to enable Stereo Mix (right-click the speaker icon in the Taskbar tray).  An internet search for 'enable stereo mix' will quickly find detailed instructions on how to do this.

Kaleider 5.3.3 

With Kaleider 5.3.3, a mark is shown at the upper-right corner of a button to indicate that the button can be right-clicked to provide additional functionality.  For example, can be right-clicked to access a popup menu of Sequons, or right-click to perform a random variation of the currently selected effect (same as the \ key).

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