Kaleider TVTM 1.7.2  (for Android TV and Fire TV Devices)

Kaleider TV Screen Kaleider TV Screen
Kaleider TV Screen Kaleider TV Screen
Kaleider TV is designed to exhibit Kaleider effects on a TV screen.  It operates on TVs as an Android TV app, which can be entirely controlled with standard TV remote Arrow and OK buttons.  Kaleider TV is free, and like the standard Kaleider app, it includes no ads, data tracking or other marketing gimmicks.  Kaleider TV is available at Google Play.

Random kaleidoscopic mirroring effects can be rendered and then shifted around the screen, either automatically or manually.  Auto Effects can be activated to continuously generate effects in random motion.  The visuals can be accompanied by music with the built-in Music Player, which can play MP3 files stored on the Android TV device.

The primary features of Kaleider TV are briefly summarized below:

HINT:  If you notice a gap between the Kaleider TV controls and the edges of your TV screen, that is known as an 'Overscan Margin'.  Some TVs need such a border to avoid chopping off parts of the picture.  Other TVs automatically compensate and don't need the borders.  You can remove the gaps by unchecking the Use Overscan Margins option in Appearance Options .  (The change will take affect the next time you run Kaleider TV.)

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