Kaleider 3D Mirrors

3D Mirrors approximate the effects of reflecting source images from mirroring surfaces that have various forms of curvature.  Spherical, Ellipsoidal and Cylindrical mirrors are like adjustable fragments of larger reflective balls, eggs and columns.  A Skewed Cone mirror reflects from a distorted conical shape.  Rippled mirrors emulate the radiating waves seen when a pebble is dropped into a calm pond.  A collection of Fun House mirrors distort images in various ways, similar to novelty mirrors in an amusement park:

  • Spherical
  • Ellipsoidal
  • Cylindrical
  • Skewed Cone
  • Rippled
  • Fun House >
    • Stretch-Squeeze
    • Squeeze-Stretch
    • Waves
    • Fuzzy Waves
    • Wavy Grid
    • Concave Parabolic
    • Convex Parabolic
    • Hyperbolic Paraboloid

These screen images illustrate the creation and rendered result of a Skewed Cone 3D Mirror.  After a 3D Mirror type has been selected, a yellow outline appears to represent the mirroring surface.  In this case, the option to fit the effect to the image size has been used, so the outline surrounds the entire picture.  The shape can be clicked and dragged with the mouse to the desired position on the screen.  Adjust boxes are available to alter the size of the mirroring surface.  (click to enlarge) =>

Skewed Cone 3D Mirror Selected

Skewed Cone 3D Mirror Rendered

Depending on the variety of 3D Mirror, red lines will typically represent the curvature or wavelength of the effect.  For wave-based effects, including the Rippled and the Waves, Fuzzy Waves and Wavy Grid Fun House Mirrors, the wavelength can be varied, either increasing or decreasing as waves progress from the center outwards.  In some cases, a green line might appear to indicate the relative amplitude, which can be regulated by moving a green box.  A blue line shows the relative distance of the source image above the mirror surface, adjustable via a blue box.

A default Quality Level can be specified for 3D Mirrors with the Quality Control screen (click the button on Kaleid Tools).

Several more examples of rendered 3D Mirrors can be viewed among the Kaleider Sample Images.