Kaleider Sample Images

The graphics below were all created using the Kaleider program.  Click on an image to show a larger version with some explanation of the type of effect rendered.  (Viewing these still images cannot really convey the mesmerizing sensation of seeing randomly generated graphics set into motion through the Wandering and Roaming features, optionally accompanied by music!)

Further sample images can be viewed that illustrate these features:  3D Rooms, Surfaces, Maps, Masks/Mandalas, Animate Colors and Pattern Combos.

Please also visit the Kaleider Links below to view some of the creative uses for Kaleider that customers have come up with.

Kaleidoscope Examples
Split Equilateral Triangle Kaleidoscope of
 Neon Sign Square Pie Kaleidoscope Mandala Split Equilateral Triangle Kaleidoscope of
 The Wrong Way Diamond Pie Kaleidoscope
Mirror Examples
Mirror Pattern of Aztec Feather Headdress U/R Cross Sliver Triangle Mirror with Scale
 Mirror Transforms Mandala Mirror Pattern of fabric 4 Corners Rectangular Mirror Pattern
Funnel Examples
Spike Funnel Oval Mask Split Right Triangle Funnel Rectangle Funnel of Midway Attraction Spike Funnel of Liquibed Tuba Player
3D Mirror Examples
Fun House - Squeeze-Stretch 3D Mirror of
 Campers Rippled 3D Mirrors of Spanish Dancers Ellipsoidal 3D Mirrors of Posters Fun House - Hyperbolic Paraboloid 3D Mirror
 of Dancers

Also see:  3D Rooms, Surfaces, Maps, Masks/Mandalas, Animate Colors and Pattern Combos.

Creative Kaleider Links

Kaleider seems to particularly appeal to artistic, visually-oriented, creative type people.  The links below exhibit some of the interesting applications such folks have found for Kaleider.

Vince Giuliano is a pioneer in the progressive Art KOU KOU movement.  He employs Kaleider, combined with every other tool and technique at his disposal, to create imaginative, often provocative images.  Click the Kaleidoscope Art Gallery, Surrealist Art Gallery, Places That Never Gallery and Surreal Passageways Gallery links on his home page to view excellent examples of how an artist can make use of Kaleider symmetries:

Vince Giuliano Art

MorphaPoph is primarily a fractals artist.  He sometimes uses Kaleider to manipulate his fractal creations -- fractals often make superb source images for Kaleider effects.  The link below is to his page at the DeviantArt website (the image captions show the software used to produce them):

Morphapoph at DeviantArt.com

Unearthly Demagogue is a veteran psychedelic explorer, who has been conducting creative experiments over the past 30 years.  He uses his own brilliantly colored paintings and drawings as the basis for dazzling kaleidoscopes and mandalas.  Kaleider has become another weapon in his artistic arsenal.  Samples of his work are exhibited on the Unearthly Demagogue page shown below:

Unearthly Demagogue

If you have Kaleider generated images that you might like to share, please contact me to have a link to your site posted here.