Liquib 2.5, 2.5.1, 2.5.2 and 2.5.3  -  New Features

Liquib 2.5 was built with a new compiler, which might slightly improve performance.  A Whisk Tool and a Plop Effect have been added.  Numerous other fixes and improvements.  Further details follow:  (Also see Liquib 2.5.1, Liquib 2.5.2 and Liquib 2.5.3)

Liquib 2.5.1 

Along with numerous minor fixes and tweaks, Liquib 2.5.1 includes two fairly important enhancements:

Liquib 2.5.2 

A few additional fixes and tweaks were made to the Video Capture feature.

Liquib 2.5.3 

With Liquib 2.5.3, a mark is shown at the upper-right corner of a button to indicate that the button can be right-clicked to provide additional functionality.  For example, can be right-clicked to access a popup menu of Sequons, or right-click to perform a random variation of the currently selected Tool or Effect (same as the F8 key).

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