Kaleider AppTM 5.1  (for Android Devices)

Kaleider Android App Screen The Kaleider App makes it possible to experience much of the visual magic of the full Kaleider Windows program on an Android device. 

Kaleider App
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It generates an amazing variety of Kaleidoscopes, Mirrors, 3D Mirrors and Funnels.  Any JPEG or PNG image can be used as the source for effects.

The Kaleider App is entirely free, and includes no ad displays, data collection, tracking or other marketing gimmicks (see Privacy Policy).  It can be obtained through Google Play, the Amazon App Store, and various other app download sites.  The Kaleider app APK can be downloaded directly below:

Download =>  Kaleider APK  [6.79 MB]

See Kaleider TV for Android TV devices.

Here is a brief summary of the Kaleider App features:

Kaleider App Version History


The Kaleider App (the App) was created by Jeff L. Holcomb (the Developer) for use by operators (Users) of Android devices.  The Kaleider App reflects image fragments to produce various kaleidoscope and mirroring effects.  The Kaleider App is free to use.  This Privacy Policy fully describes any information that may be collected by the Kaleider App, and how that information may be used and stored.

Privacy Promise

The Developer guarantees that the following statements regarding the Kaleider App are true:

Information that may be accessed and how it is used

The Kaleider App may use and/or store the following data types:

Age Appropriateness

The Kaleider App is not targeted toward any particular age group, and should be safe for Users of any age, including fairly young children.  However, it must be the User's responsibility to insure that any image or audio files that may be accessed on the Android device are suitable for children.


Please feel free to contact the Developer by email at jeff@whizical.com or visit the www.Whizical.com website.