Welcome!  I'm Jeff, a programmer with a keen interest in computer generated visuals.  My intention is to create useful graphics tools that are also fun and entertaining to use.  Each program providing an interactive interface between the creative, intuitive human mind and the awesome power of modern computers.  My particular focus is to explore the intriguing possibilities of applying mathematical transformations to images.

All of my programs are now free!
Image Manipulation Tools
KaleiderTM   Kaleidoscopes & Mirrors

Kaleider Program Kaleider manipulates images to create sometimes complex pictures of reflected portions of the screen.  It is a capable graphics tool for people who are interested in symmetry, tiling, tessellation and mosaic patterns.  Aside from any usefulness though, Kaleider is really just entertaining and fascinating to watch while in Automatic Effects mode.  Kaleider actions can be captured to Video, and the Scripting feature makes it possible to design and refine performances of evolving Kaleider effects.

Versions 5.7 and 5.7.1 Improvements

Kaleider Rooms
More Info
Masks and Mandalas
Active Pattern Combos
3D Rooms
Animate Colors
Video Capture and Playback
Free Screensaver
Sample Images

Download =>  Kaleider (64-bit)  [9.29 MB]

Or, for 32-bit computers:  Kaleider (32-bit)  [8.99 MB]

Also see:  Kaleider App and Kaleider TV

LiquibTM   Liquid Imagery

Liquib Liquib is another graphics tool (or toy) that translates mathematics into visual imagery.  It treats an image as if it were a fluid, which can be distorted by various transformations, creating liquid image, marbled paper and Droste type effects.  Liquib manipulations can be applied manually, or you can relax and be entertained by Automatic EffectsLiquib display sequences can be captured to Video, and actions can be Scripted to create choreographed performances of dynamic art.

Versions 3.1 and 3.1.1 Improvements

Liquib Dissolving House
More Info
Video Capture and Playback
Automatic Effects
VeeJay Tools
Free Screensaver
Sample Images

Download =>  Liquib (64-bit)  [8.45 MB]

Or, for 32-bit computers:  Liquib (32-bit)  [8.09 MB]

PhotaTM   Photo Album & Image Archiving Application

Phota Phota Gallery Phota provides useful tools for archiving and annotating your image collections into attractive, interactive photo albums.  Images can be added very quickly with a Mass Load feature, optionally from encoded IPTC and/or EXIF data.  Audio and video sequences can also be incorporated into Phota albums.  A handy Photo Index provides a quick scan through all of the photos in an album, and Photo Search finds and lists photos that meet search criteria.

Album pages or individual photos can be viewed as a slide show, with various options, and optionally accompanied by music or audio narration.  The dynamic Gallery feature exhibits album photos on the walls of 3D Gallery rooms in various styles.  Explore can be activated to automatically stroll through Galleries, pausing to admire each image.

Versions 4.4 Improvements

The Phota Screensaver and an interactive Phota Viewer can be freely distributed, so that your albums can be shared with family and friends.  The free Phota Package Builder program can be used to create CD and Screensaver installation packages.  A sample Phota Screensaver of flowers can also be downloaded for free.

Download =>  Phota (64-bit)  [12.04 MB]

Or, for 32-bit computers:  Phota (32-bit)  [11.76 MB]

boxodTM   Puzzle Games

boxod boxod is a collection of four intuitive, visually compelling puzzle games, each constructed of 'boxes' stacked into cubes or pyramids.  The 6 sides (faces) of individual boxes can each show different colors and images.  The games involve manipulating boxes and levels to match colors and images on each side of the overall cube or pyramid.  These games are intended to be easy for fairly young kids to learn, and yet provide enough challenge to interest people of all ages.

Download =>  boxod (64-bit)  [5.18 MB]

Or, for 32-bit computers:  boxod (32-bit)  [4.99 MB]

WutchTM   Card Game

Wutch Wutch is an unusual card game that involves matching picture cards in various combinations to score points.  You (a mere Human) must play against two Computer opponents, one on either side of you.  Wutch is initially quite easy to learn, with visual cues and all game actions controlled with just mouse clicks.  However, as you begin to master the intricacies of the game, it is continually challenging (and fun!) to compete against your implacable Computer enemies.  The entire look and character of Wutch can be altered by switching to a different Theme.

Aim high!  Aspire to be included among the 10 most illustrious achievers in the entire history of the game by being inducted into the Ultimate Wutch High Hands Hall of Heroes!

Download =>  Wutch (64-bit)  [4.89 MB]

Or, for 32-bit computers:  Wutch (32-bit)  [4.71 MB]

Product Update Policy

Free updates for my products can be downloaded whenever new versions are released.  The About screen for each program will show the current version of the software.  The most recent releases are available here:

Kaleider 5.7.1 (64-bit)   [9.29 MB]
Kaleider 5.7.1 (32-bit)   [8.99 MB]
Kaleider Screensaver 5.7.1   [6.34 MB]
Liquib 3.1.1 (64-bit)   [8.45 MB]
Liquib 3.1.1 (32-bit)   [8.09 MB]
Liquib Screensaver 3.1.1   [5.56 MB]
Phota 4.4 (64-bit)   [12.04 MB]
Phota 4.4 (32-bit)   [11.76 MB]
Phota Flowers Screensaver 4.4   [7.78 MB]
Phota Package Builder 4.4   [9.77 MB]
boxod 1.7 (64-bit)   [5.18 MB]
boxod 1.7 (32-bit)   [4.99 MB]
Wutch 1.6 (64-bit)   [4.89 MB]
Wutch 1.6 (32-bit)   [4.71 MB]

The programs are all free, so there is no longer any need to enter Registration Keys.

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